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Surf Therapy Travel_Philippe

Philippe Declemy | Personal Trainer & Movement Therapist

Hi! I am Philippe (1974)

My name is Philippe Declemy. I am a positive, social guy with a lot of energy who spends his work-time as a movement therapist and personal trainer. I am connected to Integrative Complementary Medical Center De Bron in The Hague. I have been providing rehabilitation programs for 23 years. 

Through years of experience I have developed my own vision on the body, which I processed in a rehabilitation programme called Bodyscreen. My goal is to make you aware of your body. Therefore I divide the body in three parts, namely: 

  • physical;
  • emotional;  
  • energetic.
Surf Therapy Travel_Philippe

Philippe Declemy | Personal Trainer & Movement therapist

Surf Therapy Travel_Sabine

Sabine Wensink | Gestalt therapist & bodyworker

Aloha! I am Sabine (1979)

For a great part of my life I often felt lonely. I thought nobody understood the many feelings I experienced. I felt "different", often not fitting in. These feelings and life events such as getting "Lyme disease" guided me to Gestalt therapy and (energetic) bodywork. When I consciously started with my self-development in 2011, I slowly started to understand that beliefs from the past, often learned in interaction with my environment, were getting in the way of living an authentic life. 

I now work as a: 

  • Gestalt therapist / coach / counselor
  • Energetic & body worker (Qure, breathwork / psoas muscle releasing work, Emotional Freedom Technique  etc.)
  • Masseuse (Holistic Pulsing)
Surf Therapy Travel_Philippe

Philippe Declemy | Personal Trainer & Movement Therapist

Hi! I am Paulo 

Hey! This is Paulo. I am the co-owner of Shark's Lodge and I am Portuguese. I have over 25 years of outdoor experience, professional/vocational training and expeditions. 

I was the technical director of the first rafting company in Portugal and the director of the three first 500 km adventure races in my home country. and a team member of the Eco Challenge and own two adventure companies abroad. 

As the managing director of Shark's activities I oversee all surf lessons and with over 30 years of experience in surfing you'll be in good hands. Whether you are a complete beginner or an advanced surfer looking to improve your technique. 

Paulo Barbosa

Paulo Barbosa / Outdoor expert & surf coach