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Meet the team!

Sabine_Surf Therapy Travel holistic therapist

Sabine Wensink | Conduit & Founder, Gestalt therapist & Bodywork Facilitator

Aloha! Sabine here 

For a great part of my life I often felt lonely. I thought nobody understood the many feelings I experienced. I felt "different", often not fitting in. These feelings and life events such as getting "Lyme disease" guided me to Gestalt therapy and (energetic) bodywork.

When I consciously started with my self-development in 2011, I slowly started to understand that beliefs from the past, often learned in interaction with my environment, were getting in the way of living an authentic life. 

I now work as a:

  • Gestalt therapist / coach / counselor
  • Surf therapist
  • EFT practicioner
  • Energetic & body worker (Qure / psoas muscle releasing work etc.)
  • Breathwork facilitator
  • Masseuse (Holistic pulsing)

Hi! I am Philippe 

Hi! My name is Philippe. I am a positive, social guy with a lot of energy who spends his work-time as a movement therapist and personal trainer. I have been providing rehabilitation programs for 23 years. 

My vision on body & mind

A personal crisis in which I felt a lot of anger made me develop my own vision on the body and mind. I processed this vision in a rehabilitation programme called Bodyscreen. My goal is to make you aware of your body. Therefore I divide the body in three parts, namely: 

  • physical;
  • emotional;  
  • energetic.
Philippe Declemy Movement and energetic therapist

Philippe Declemy | Personal Trainer,  Movement  & Energetic therapist

Rob Wilson / Group-, and bioenergetic therapist with focus on trauma

Rob Wilson / Group-, and bioenergetic therapist with focus on trauma

Hey there! I am Rob

Hey! I am Rob Wilson. I trained in theatre at a leading theatre school in England and that's where my personal development journey began.  The self awareness approach required in acting led me to study group therapy in Holland,  Bioenergetic Analysis in Brazil and  Trauma Release. I have facilitated retreats and workshops all over the world. 

I now work as a:

  • An ISA Surf Coach.
  • Trained Surf therapist for a Surf Therapy Charity.
  • Ecstatic Dance DJ.
  • Embodiment Games facilitator.

‘In these chaotic times it's vital to find spaces where we can speak truth and have shared connections with others, but also direct experience of something larger and infinitely more powerful than ourselves. I believe that this combination of safe spaces where truth is expressed, and the sea in its vast and humbling nature is a powerful and healing developmental tool. I look forward to investigating this together’ 

Hello! My name is Mimi 

Hi! My name is Mimi. Even though I was trained in dance and acting, my hobby of cooking and my desire to hold space during bodywork practices and ceremonial events have become more prominent over the years. I myself am walking a path that has been accompanied by major road blocks.

Disruptive events with which I have slowly but surely made peace.
I  often had to make the journey within to retrieve my lost parts.
It has introduced me to the power and richness of deep inner shadow work. This is how the desire was born to facilitate and serve other people's processes. 

Mimi Meet The Team Surf Therapy Travel

Mimi Pronk | Experienced Mental Health Expert, Space Holder & Cook (depending on the retreat)