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Surf Therapy for Kids with Autism, ADHD, and High Sensitivity

Born on the west coast of America, surf therapy admittedly sounds like an American idea. But today (as of 2020), this form of therapy is making waves across the world, even as it increasingly becomes [...READ MORE...]

Surf Therapy Travel

Surf Therapy; mastering the ebb & flow of life

The positive therapeutic qualities of sun, sand and surf are well known. Who doesn’t dream about escaping their stressful daily routine by retreating to a sun-soaked and sandy beach? With this in mind, mental health [...READ MORE...]

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Surf Therapy for highly sensitive people

Have you ever been told to let go of something or that you are too sensitive, and you take notice of things that happen around you? Chances are you are a highly sensitive person (HSP). [...READ MORE...]

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Surf Therapy: a challenging and fun way to de-stress and deal with trauma

Surf Therapy just might be the next big--and joyful--thing in the world of therapy! When dealing with emotional and physical burdens and diagnoses such as ADHD, autism, trauma, depression, burn-out, bi-polar disorder, PTSD or anxiety, [...READ MORE...]

Surf Therapy Travel

Meet the team – Philippe

My name is Philippe Declemy (1974 - The Hague) I am a positive, social guy with a lot of energy who spends his work-time as a movement therapist and personal trainer. I am connected to [...READ MORE...]

Surf Therapy Travel

Meet the team – Sabine

Aloha! I am SabineFor a great part of my life I often felt lonely. I thought nobody understood the many feelings I experienced. I felt "different", often not fitting in. These feelings and life events [...READ MORE...]