About us

At Surf Therapy Travel,  we connect people who seek adventure whilst working on personal  growth through the means of surfing and ocean based therapy, outdoor lifestyle and deep inner process work. Connections between individuals are the basis of our Surf Therapy retreats.
It's our experience that the creation of a safe space, where truth can be shared, combined with bucket loads of fun and playfulness is a fertile ground for connection to flourish. In fact  many participants come away having made lifelong friends.

We also believe that working on yourself can be a lot a fun and that the surf lifestyle is one you really want to get to know!


We are Surf Therapy Travel

Surf Therapy Travel (est. 2019) was founded by Sabine Wensink, a Dutch therapist from Studio Beloved.  For over 20 years her passion for surfing, professional development and personal growth have  been close to her heart. So she gathered a small team of mental health and sports professionals who are also passionate about surfing and ocean therapy. Together they share the ‘stoke’ on surfing and healing methods in this unique combination.  

Our week long retreat not only supports you in getting your body in shape. Besides exercising and healthy food,  it also  offers an opportunity for you to reflect and process  feelings, to connect with the broad spectrum of human emotions of pain, fear, anger, sadness and joy whilst having a great time in the ocean and under the sun!  It's also a great opportunity for self-care and some time out of your usual life to marinade in connection with others and relaxing coastal rhythms.

Surf Therapy Travel therapists Philippe & Sabine
Surf Therapy Travel summer vibes

Trained professionals with personal experiences

As trained professionals who've had their own experiences with ADD, grief, burn-out, depression, addiction and physical impairments, the  Surf Therapy Travel facilitators guide you in  the safest way possible, so you can (learn to) thrive in life! Not only through interacting with the ocean, but also with your  fellow 'surf tribe' members. They provide you the mirror you need to be able to grow and get you ‘stoked’ on or in life (again)!

We provide you with tools for optimum health

On top of that Surf Therapy Travel provides you with tools to remove blockages from your own physical, emotional and even energetic system so you can keep riding those waves of life in full swing even after the retreat!

By spending time in the ocean, in therapeutic and bodywork  activities an above all by connecting to your fellow holidayers as part of your own ‘soul searching team’. The rest of your surf tribe is just as important as us, facilitators of the retreat. Because together we create that ocean of love, understanding, respect and acceptance which will hold the space for you to get to know your true nature and to keep riding the wave called LIFE in good physical and emotional health!  

About Us - Surf Therapy Travel


Surf Therapy Travel wants to create a world where being in and around the ocean is the source of connecting people who want to work on their personal development or personal growth.



Surf Therapy Travel puts effort into realising personal growth with its participants by supporting them on emotional, physical and psychological level, whilst enjoying the surf lifestyle.