My name is Philippe Declemy (1974 - The Hague) I am a positive, social guy with a lot of energy who spends his work-time as a movement therapist and personal trainer. I am connected to Integrative Complementary Medical Center De Bron in The Hague. I have been providing rehabilitation programs for 23 years. 

My vision on body and mind

Through years of experience I have developed my own vision on the body, which I processed in a rehabilitation programme called Bodyscreen. My goal is to make you aware of your body. Therefore I divide the body in three parts, namely: 

  • physical;
  • emotional;  
  • energetic.

Rebalance your system 

Only when the three parts are in balance with each other the body can start to recover or heal itself. By using the Bodyscreen method I get to the core of the problem. By removing the blockages connected to the root of the pain, dis-comfort, or dis-ease, the body will rebalance and starts functioning the way it should.

Every body is unique and will therefore need a 'custom-made' approach. This may ask for a more physical-focussed intervention for one person and for the other more attention needs to flows to the emotional side of what is experienced by the client as a problem. The energetic part is used to check the renewed balance. For me the original blueprint of the body at both physical and emotional level lies in the energetic body.


During my sessions I will let you experience what the energetic body is, what it means to you and how you can communicate with it. My specializations vary from:

  • general physical dis-ease
  • pain in the lower back and shoulders
  • hernias
  • limitations in the musculoskeletal system
  • mental health issues felt as deep inner pain such as, sadness, fear, anger, worry, anxiety, grieve. 

Although I live by the sea, I am not that much of a surfer. I do love to watch the surf though. And since you’re never too old to learn you may find me trying to catch some  waves with you  during the retreat! 

Even if you don't surf

Even if you think or feel surfing is out of your league at the moment, you can still enjoy our Surf Therapy Retreat. Spend the surfing time slot in the programme to watch the waves while taking a stroll along the beach (like I would do!) or go for a body surf! There are enough activities in the great natural surroundings of the retreat for you to join before and after surfing-time like sharings and therapeutic-, & bodywork interventions. In that way you can still work on becoming stoked on life! 

Surf Therapy Travel_stoke


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