Aloha! I am Sabine

For a great part of my life I often felt lonely. I thought nobody understood the many feelings I experienced. I felt "different", often not fitting in. These feelings and life events such as getting "Lyme disease" showed me the way to Gestalt therapy and (energetic) bodywork. When I consciously started with my self-development in 2011, I slowly started to understand that beliefs from the past, often learned in interaction with my environment, were getting in the way (and still get sometimes) to live from authenticity.

I now work as a: 

  • Gestalt professional therapist / coach / counselor 
  • EFT Practioner 
  • Energetic & body worker (Qure, breath work / psoas releasing work etc.)
  • Masseuse (Holistic Pulsing)
  • Surf therapist

I have experience with, and specialize in (emotional) themes such as:

  • High sensitivity
  • ADD
  • Fear or Missing Out
  • Burnout
  • Worry
  • Loneliness
  • Depression
  • Compulsive behaviour
  • Fear of bandonment
  • Fear of attachment
  • Grieving

High sensitivity became a strength

After some years of personal development I made my sensitivity (which always bothered me so much) a strength. Fourteen years after my mom's death I finally managed to face the pain of her loss. I started going through the grieving process. Slowly I gained trust, self-confidence and the believe that life could actually be nice to live. 

This new strength and my passion for people are the reasons I started Studio Liefde in 2014. Studio Liefde is a practice for holistic psychotherapy and bodywork and is based in The Hague, The Netherlands.

In my practice I see clients and I also facilitate online sessions. It is exciting and a lot of fun to work for my own company. I now feel equally excited about mixing the methods I learnt with my passion for surfing. The satisfaction it gives when someone benefits from a session or a therapy process (see testimonials) always fills me with love. No wonder my studio is called Studio Liefde (love in Dutch). 

And then suddenly there was Surf Therapy 

And as shared before, surfing has now found its way into the therapy. The reason why? I started surfing at the age of eighteen, a year before my mother died of cancer. Surfing brought me to the here and now on days of mourning and extreme sadness. My confidence also grew because of the contact I had with the sea. Ten years after my mother's death, I founded Soul Surfers Foundation to support projects that motivate children to go to school, develop business skills, or overcome trauma. In retrospect ironic, because three years after founding Soul Surfers I found myself face to face with the trauma of her loss.

At that time surfing alone as a therapy proved to be no longer enough. After fourteen years of postponed grieving I had no other choice than to mourn. I needed to reconnect with the many feelings and emotions related to her death, such as anger, sadness and loneliness. My life changed completely. Symptoms such as worry, high sensitivity, ADD, Fear Of Missing Out and acting out (all caused by inner 'dis-ease' and the avoidance of pain) faded into the background over the years of healing. Some of them even disappeared completely.

From my own experience and with the support of surfing and the holistic methods I use, I make sure that I keep my  body and mind healthy. By experiencing life,  learning from and working with it, I can now guide you on your path to a vital body and healthy mind! And I love doing it with some sexy, cool, awesome surf in the mix! 

I am really ‘stoked’ to meet you during one of our retreats. And if you are not sure yet, you can always join a Fluro Friday in The Hague between April and September or on a beach near you!  Let's change the world and our worlds one wave at a time! 

Happy days! 

Training and courses followed

Dutch Gestalt Foundation 2014 - 2018: 4-year training as a Gestalt professional therapist
Touch of Matrix 2015: Basic course & inspiration day 
Qure Energetic Connections 2015: Completion of energetic training 
Full Body de-armouring The Gaia Method  2018: 4-day training de-armouring
The Sacred Journey Annual Soul Coach training  2019 - present: Trauma release bodywork training
EFT Practitioner training  2019: 3 -day training Emotional Freedom Techniques

In addition, I did refresher courses in the field of depression, body & mind language, abuse and much more!

Surf Therapy Sabine_surf_shore

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