From beginners to expert, join us in Surf Therapy

To help you grow and find your flow

Surf Therapy Travel wants to create a world where being in and around the ocean is the source of connecting people who want to work on their personal development or personal growth.

What is Surf Therapy?

Surf Therapy is an adventurous group retreats to beautiful regions with great waves and nature. We offer surf coaching at all levels, therapeutic and bodywork activities (including yoga) to help you grow and raise (body) awareness. You get great food included with the cost!

Lots of love and ‘stoke’ from the Surf Therapy Team. And most importantly a good vibe - (2,5% of our profit will be donated to Soul Surfers Foundation to support Surf Therapy Projects for children and youth to work on their personal development or overcome trauma.)

What’s included

7 night stay at A Good Place

5 surfing lessons

Therapeutic & bodywork activities to release stress and trauma (adjusted to the needs of the group by trained therapists and coaches)

All meals included (except for the last night - then we go out!)

2 Yoga sessions

Insurance for the activities

Surf Therapy Travel puts effort into realzing personal growth with its participants by supporting them on emotional, physical and psychological level, whilst enjoying the surf lifestyle.

You're in great hands

“There is no better way than learning to go with the ‘flow’ than through surfing. The ocean requires you to tune in to her circumstances. She challenges you, plays with your limits, checks your emotions and brings strength & tranquility. By reflecting on that you become aware of who you are and what you really want and need in your life. “

Sabine Wensink
Founder Surf Therapy Travel
Surf passionista since 1998 + Gestalt therapist = Surf Therapist

At Surf Therapy Travel, we don’t judge. The ocean doesn’t judge either! So come as you are and let us support you in your process of reconnecting with your true nature (authentic self)!

Trust the Science

Research shows that surf therapy contributes to good health. It helps not only grow physical health. It also improves mental health and well-being such as;

* Confidence
* Self-esteem
* Coping & resilience
* Personal empowerment

Surf Therapy Participant

“I never thought the sea would give me so much peace and joy. Even at times when I really did not know how to proceed in life. With Sabine from Surf Therapy Travel I could completely be myself. The different experiments near and in the ocean and the bodywork techniques next to a Gestalt basis helped me raise my awareness. I now feel more at ease and in peace with myself. I am more self compassionate and I no longer experience anxiety. I highly recommend surf therapy! 

Keep me posted about the ins and outs of our October 2020
Surf Therapy Retreat in Baleal, Portugal